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    Coville Maple Glazed Walnuts  楓糖蜜核桃
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    Coville Maple Glazed Walnuts 楓糖蜜核桃

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    Weight: 150 grams
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    Brand: Coville
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    Ingredients 成份 :

    Walnut 核桃, maple Syrup 楓糖, sucrose 砂糖, maltose syrup 麥芽糖漿, Maltodextrin 麥芽糊精,Gellan Gum 結蘭膠

    Product of Taiwan

    Origin of raw materials: USA, Taiwan

    • Quality fruits and nuts are carefully chosen and their freshness are strictly preserved.
    • Fruits and nuts are baked and processed at low temperature to retain their natural goodness.

    • 低溫烘焙,保留原味
    • 嚴選「當季」最新鮮的原料

    • Benefits of nut -
      • Good for heart and circulatory system
      • Contains a wide variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients
      • Helps in weight loss

    • 堅果的好處 -
      • 对心臟和循環系統有好处
      • 含有各種抗氧化和抗炎營養
      • 有助於減肥