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    Coville Mixed Nuts Black Sesame Crush 雙活菌黑芝麻堅果穀粉
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    Coville Mixed Nuts Black Sesame Crush 雙活菌黑芝麻堅果穀粉

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    Weight: 550 grams
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    Ingredients 成分 :

    brown rice 糙米, oats 燕麥, almonds 杏仁, cashews 腰果, walnuts 核桃, pecans 胡桃, pistachios 開心果, black sesame seeds 黑芝麻, buckwheat 蕎麥, millet 小米, quinoa 藜麥, natto spores 納豆菌孢子,  spores of Lactobacillus spores 芽孢乳桿菌孢子

    Product of Taiwan

    • Quality fruits and nuts are carefully chosen and their freshness are strictly preserved.
    • Fruits and nuts are baked and processed at low temperature to retain their natural goodness.
    • Essential series roasted nuts are infused with soya beans fermented with Bacillus subtilis spores or commonly known as Natto and lactobacillus spores; both are useful bacteria that help our digestive tract.

    • 添加雙活菌
    • 低溫烘焙,保留原味
    • 嚴選「當季」最新鮮的原料

    • Benefits of nut -
      • Cashew nuts - Lower blood pressure
      • Walnuts - Good for heart and circulatory system
      • Almonds - Helps provide good brain function
      • Pistachios - Boosts immune system
    • Benefits of black sesame - 
      • Prevents cancer
      • Controls blood pressure

    • 堅果的好處 -
      • 腰果 - 降低血壓
      • 核桃 - 对心臟和循環系統有好处
      • 杏仁 - 有助於提供良好的腦功能
      • 開心果 - 增強免疫系統
    • 黑芝麻的好處 -
      • 預防癌症
      • 控制血壓